Shia Ulema Council says hanging of takfiri terrorists will help establish peace

SUC-ashfaq-wahidiShia Ulema Council’s leader Allama Ashfaq Waheedi has said that Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists should be hanged publicly because implementation of the death sentence would scare their abettors and they would rescind terrorist activities.

Talking to a group of youths in Brisbane, Australia, Allama Waheedi further said, had the Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists been hanged publicly in the past, Pakistan would have been emerged as the cradle of peace in the world.

“Notorious takfiri murderers are free. Government should intensify the military operation to liquidate them and pay attention to help rehabilitate the IDPs,” he urged.

Allama Ashfaq Waheedi said that there was no Sunni-Shia tension in Pakistan but a small group of fanatic takfiris was trying to hijack the society hence we all need to confront Yazidi takfiri nasbi mindset. 

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