Allama Sajid Naqvi says innocent Ghulam Raza Naqvi behind the bars and terrorists are free

Sajid-NaqviAllama Syed Sajid Naqvi, Chief of Shia Ulema Pakistan, has said that innocent Shia scholar and leader Ghulam Raza Naqvi was behind the bars but the Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists were being released.

“Due to underhand deals with the banned Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorist outfits, their ringleaders had been released but Shia leader Ghulam Raza Naqvi was still behind the bars despite the fact that he was granted bail in all cases,” he said speaking at a press conference in Sialkot.

He said that he knew well that Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi was an innocent person and he was implicated in a false case was wrongly convicted because of anti-Shia bias. He said that the said biased policy was source of disappointment for Shia Pakistanis.

“I confirm that a baseless case was registered against Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi. Takfiri elements are once again being patronized that is not in the interest of Pakistan. Rule of law requires reversal of this biased policy,” he urged.

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