AhleSunnat Ambulance driver of Shia NGO JDC shot killed by Takfiris in Karachi

shaheed plfThe AhleSunnat ambulance driver of Shia NGO Jafaria Disaster Cell (JDC) ambulance was gunned down by the armed terrorists of Takfiri SipaheSahaba and Taliban at Liaquatabad Area of Karachi.
According to the JDC Officials, the armed militants have opened the fire on JDC ambulance at Liaquatabad area resultantly the driver of Ambulance Raheel Khan was succumbed martyrdom in the firing of Takfiris.
The district central which is the strong hold of MQM from last three decades have been witnessed the shia target killing in last 4 years more than 250 Shia elders, scholars and notables were shot martyred by the terrorists in these areas but not a single terrorists detained by the Government and MQM,which has a strong organizational network in these areas.
Earlier, a driver of JDC was shot martyred by the Takfiri terrorists few months back at Gulshan-e-Iqbal in a firing at JDC ambulance. JDC leaders vowed that they would not surrender in front of Takfiris and will be continued their work for humanity.


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