Protest rally demands no proxy role for Pakistan in Syria and Bahrain

protest mwmkhiSupporters of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen staged a demonstration on Thursday to protest against the Bahraini monarch’s visit that, they believed, was aimed at buying Pakistani government against pro-democracy Bahrainis.

The protestors also voiced slogans against the Saudi monarchy alongside Bahraini Sheikhdom on the ground that these two gulf countries were plotting to hire Pakistan army and militants to bolster anti-Syrian terrorists and to protect the undemocratic regime of Bahrain.

They were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans demanding Pakistan government not to hide the facts about Bahrainis and Saudis visit. They demanded there must be no proxy role of Pakistan and there must be no intervention into any country’s internal affairs.

Speaking to the demonstrators, Syed Mehdi Shah, Maulana Baqar Zaidi, Maulana Ali Anwar and other officials of the MWM, denounced the PMLN government for what they said turning Pakistani into a mercenary state.

They thanked the veteran diplomats and defence analysts for their objective analysis and observations about the Saudis and Bahrainis intentions and interference into Pakistani decision-making process of foreign policy.

They recalled that Pakistani thinker and philosopher Allama Iqbal had detested the monarchs. They said that Shahbaz Sharif proudly recited Habib Jalib’s poetry and he too condemned the kingdoms and sheikhdoms role.  

The MWM officials express concern that PMLN leadership learnt nothing for their past mistakes and they are repeating the history of mistakes that would cost themselves dearly this time too. They warned the government people would not sit idle and would not remain silent against proxy role the rulers are trying to accept to reciprocate the favours of Saudi monarchs on Nawaz family.

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