Pakistan Sunni Movement says Taliban’s ceasefire a deception

Sarwat-Aijaz-QadriPakistan Sunni Tehrik has rejected the Taliban’s announcement for ceasefire aimed at halt to their terrorist activities for a month.

Sarwat Aijaz Qadri, chief of Pakistan Sunni Tehrik said that Taliban terrorists were the killers of 60,000 Pakistanis therefore they deserve no mercy.

Speaking at a Conference on Stability of Pakistan and Sanctity of Holy Prophet (PBUH), in Lahore, he said, Taliban terrorists plotted to gain more time to regroup and line up for next wave of terrorism. He advised the government and armed forces not to fall to the traps of the Taliban.

Sunni Tehrik leader asked the government to order a military action to eliminate the terrorists. He said that the heirs of the martyrs demand and sacred blood of the martyrs require the government to liquidate the terrorists hence government should not betray them.

He said that ceasefire is no solution to the terrorism but the military operation is the only durable solution and that military operation should continue till the elimination of the last terrorist.

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