ISO terms Saudi regime a slave of America and Israel

iso_press_islamImamia Students Organization (ISO) Pakistan on Friday announced to kick-off the countrywide campaign to support oppressed people from across the world (Tehreek-e-Hemayat Mazlomeen-e-Jahan).

Addressing the press conference at Lahore press club, ISO Central senior vice president Syed Kumail Sherazi, Athar Imran and Maulana Azhar Hussain strongly condemned the ties of Pakistan and Saudi regime to crush the pro-democracy protestors in Bahrain.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, They said that the America and its allied would not succeed in the conspiracy to eliminate the uprising in Middle East and North Africa on gun point and condemned the recruitment of Pakistani citizens in Bahrain National Guards (BNG).

They demanded of the government to immediately stop the recruitment of Bahrain National Guards from Pakistan and criticized the role of Saudi kind Shah Abdullah to crush the uprising in Bahrain.

The leaders termed that the Shah Abdullah was not the custodian of holy sites saying that he is the slave of America and killed the innocent protestors in Bahrain to protect fifth American fleet in Bahrain and to secure the illegitimate monarchy of Bahrain.

They criticized the shameful role of Saudi government on the release of CIA contractor and killer of three Pakistani citizens Raymond Davis.

Describing the details of the countrywide campaign to support oppressed people from across the world (Tehreek-e-Hemayat Mazlomeen-e-Jahan), they said that the basic object of the campaign to support the present uprising and express solidarity with the oppressed people of these countries and to condemn the brutal action of the rulers of these countries on peaceful protestors.

They vowed that we would not allow the American and its allied’s to perform the terrorists and anti-Pakistan activities in the country.

Condemning the attacks of Taliban terrorists on peaceful passengers belongs from Kurram Agency parachinar, they condemned the consecutive attacks of Taliban terrorists on peaceful Shia passengers saying that Taliban has broken the peace truce and killed the innocent people including women and children.

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