Shiite News Hacked

logoThe long awaited reaction of Zionists has finally reached us. Shiite News website has been hacked twice in the past week by forces trying to avert us from spreading the truth.

It was much anticipated by our team the consequence for smearing the truth of American and Israel’s Agendas in front of the masses.

Despite of the repercussions, Shiite News vows to extend the truth and divulge the real faces behind the anomalies spread by the hidden Zionist’s Agents in our society. These trivialities have no effect on our venture and our morale stands out by the Grace of Almighty Allah, his Prophet (SAWWS) and his Progeny (A.s).

 We regret the inconvenience caused to our viewers for the absence of current affairs under the hacked duration. But assure to keep you posted in reference to our commune for the days to come with a better perspective and broader horizons.


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