Shiites protest against arrest of the head of azadari procession in Kotri

shia protestShia Muslims of Kotri area of district Jamshoro near Hyderabad began protesting the arrest of the azadari procession’s head on Tuesday.
Shiite News Correspondent reported that Mehboob Shah, head of the azadari procession was booked in a false case and arrested on dubious charges. Kotri is hub of azadars of Imam Hussain (AS). It remains the tradition of Sindh province that Sunni Muslims too observe azadari along with Shia Muslims and there is no difference on mourning the assassinations of martyrs of Karbala commemorating their sacrifices during Moharram.

Shia parties and leaders have expressed surprise and dismay over the anti-azadari policies of the police in Kotri and said that it was an attempt to discourage the peaceful azadars who want observance of azadari with harmony.

The protestors are demanding withdrawal of the false case and release of Mehboob Shah forthwith.


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