Nakba Day observe in Pakistan

jos_PLF_ISOSeveral protest demonstrations were held in Pakistan to mark the Nakba day on Friday. To express the solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemned the illegitimate foundation of Zionist regime Israel.

It is pertaining to mention here that every year, the Palestinian Arabs observe the day of Nakba (Catastrophe) on May 14th to condemn establishment of Zionist regime Israel, an illegitimate, immoral and inhuman Zionist occupation of Palestine in the name of Jewish homeland, in 1948.

Palestine Foundation (PLF) Pakistan and ATI jointly held the protest demonstration outside the Memon Mosque in Karachi, where thousands of worshippers expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine, who are suffering the atrocities of Israel from the last 63 years.

Addressing the demonstration, Palestine Foundation leader Qazi Ahmed Noorani, ATI Sindh leader Ubaid Noorani and PLF leader Sabir Karbalai strongly condemned the Israeli occupation on Palestine and asked the International Community to play their role for the end of Israeli occupation from Palestine.

They urged the Muslims rulers to leave the appeasing policies of United States and come forward to protect the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine from the Zionist regime Israel.

They vowed that they would continue their struggle for the end of illegal Israeli occupation from the Palestine till the last drop of their blood.

The leaders further demanded of the United Nation, International community and Islamic Countries to take immediate notice of the Israeli brutality against the oppressed people of Palestine.

“Pakistanis are duty-bound to fully support the just cause of Palestine” they added.

They stated that we will see the end of Israel and the return of exile Palestinian to their home land soon.

They condemned the construction of new Jewish settlements in Gaza and West-Bank areas and urged the United Nation to stop the construction of new Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine.

The participants of the protest demonstration were chanting the slogans against United States and Israel and torched the flags of United States and Israel.

However, Imamia Students Organization (ISO) and other organization were staged various demonstration outside the local Mosque in the metropolis after the Friday prayers and condemned the establishment of Israel in Palestine.



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