Talibani Terrorists Martyr 4 Shia Muslims in Pakistan

jos_kurram_agency1 Pro-Taliban militants have stormed a Shia populated area in northwestern Pakistan, leaving at least four people, including a child, dead and 14 others injured.Senior Pakistani government official Abbas Ali said the militants launched an attack on the Kurram Agency on Friday, using mortar bombs and heavy machine guns.   “They fled from neighboring southern Afghanistan and assembled in the region with the support of local Mangal tribe — a like minded group of Pakistani Taliban and Al-Qaeda,” Ali said. The militants had previously been involved in massacres of the Shia community in Parachinar, Hangu district and much of Kurram Agency. Local sources say that more than 2,000 Shias have been martyred in the region since the extremists launched a bloody war against the Muslim community in 2007. Source :ABNA


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