Terrorist killed Shia leader Tahir Abbas Shah at Shikarpur

jos_shikarpur-150x150 The terrorists of outlawed religious organization were killed the local shia leader Syed Tahir Abbas Shah at Shikarpur, Tahir Abbas Shah was the leader of Shia Organization Shikarpur and Deputy Monitoring officer in Sindh local Government. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, the terrorists of banned religious outfit opened the fire on Syed Tahir Abbas Shah Vehicle, when he was going to Shikarpur  District from his native area of Dhakan village, along with his friend Shakeel Solangi. The people of area immediately shifted the injured Syed Tahir Abbas Shah and his friend Shakeel Solangi to the local hospital, but due to the serious injuries Syed Tahir Abbas Shah, a local shia leader and Government officer was embraced Shahdat. According to his friends, Syed Tahir Abbas Shah was the close aide of Sindh local government Minister Aga Siraj Durrani and the popular leader of Shia Community in Shikarpur. However, Shia Organization of Shikarpur was taken out protest rally from Imambargah Lakhirdar and Madrasa Imam Mehdi to denounce the target killing of shia leader Syed Tahir Abbas Shah. They demanded of the Government to immediately arrest the terrorists involved in the killing of Syed Tahir Abbas Shah. They given the eight days deadline to the Government for the arrest of culprits involved in the killing of Syed Tahir Abbas and warned that the country wide protest demonstration will be held if the government avoids to arrest the terrorists. It may be noted here that due to the support of some government high-ups including the Sindh Chief Minister Advisor for Religious Affairs Mufti Ferozuddin Hazarvi outlawed terrorist Organization SSP has been geared up their activities in the Sindh province. During the last week they opened fire on Shia Mosque at Babulilm and Haideri Mosque, killed a Shia officer Nigah Hussain at Karachi Airport.


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