2 Shia students Kidnapped by terrorists of Outlawed SSP in Karachi

jos_kidnap2-300x225 Terrorists of banned religious outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba on Saturday abducted the two shia students and taken them to their torture cell at Siddique Akbar Mosque Nagan Chowrangi.   According to Shiite News, two Shia students, namely Adnan Hussain S/o Mohammad Ali of Sirajuddaula College and Mehboob Ali S/o Ghulam Nabi of Technical College, residing at Nagar Hostel near Nagan Chowrangi were abducted by the terrorists of SSP on 3 March 2010 afternoon, when they were on the way to their residence at Nagar Hostel. The terrorists of outlawed organization SSP kidnapped them and took them to their torture cell at Siddique Akbar Mosque Nagan Chorangi. The students said that scores of terrorists in SSP torture cell at Nagan Chowrangi Siddique Akbar Mosque had tortured them with hammer and other tools and tied their eyes and hands. Both students were tortured badly and were forced to accept the responsibility of the assassination of SSP leader Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem. Students were badly tortured; terrorists broke their bone and teeth. The students are unable to walk. They took their pictures with weapons and then handed over to the Police in night at 11:30pm, Police took them to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital at 4:00am and then taken them to Sir Syed Police Station. The hostel management brought the students back to the hostel on 4 March 2010 at 5:00 pm. Despite the request of the hostel management, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital had not given the MLO report of the brutal torture on Shia Students. However the Sir Syed Police Station also declined to register the FIR against the terrorists. It may be noted here that due to the support of some government segments including the Sindh Chief Minister Advisor for Religious Affairs Mufti Ferozuddin Hazarvi outlawed terrorist Organization SSP has been geared up their activities in the metropolis. During the last week they opened fire on Shia Mosque at Babulilm and Haideri Mosque, killed a Shia officer Nigah Hussain at Airport.


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