Karachi : SSP terrorists fire on Shia Mosque and Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas(a.s)


Terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba on Friday opened fire at Masjid e Hyderi and Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas (a.s) near Lasbella Chowk (also known as Ali Basti), Karachi.



According to Shiite News correspondent, activist of criminal terrorist organization opened fire at Shia Mosque (Masjid e Hyderi) and Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas (a.s), while they were on their way to Press Club for a protest. They were in great numbers, the mob opened straight fire targetting the Mosque and Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) luckily not injuring the gatherings around it. No casualties have been reported, though a great emotional and sectarian distress were observed.

Residents of the area and Shia community gathered, resulting them to flee dispersed.

People in great contingent gathered at Hyderi Mosque and staged a protest against the attack of terrorists on Shia Mosque and Alam e Hazrat e Abbas (a.s). They blocked the main street of Golimar and stage hours long sitin protest against the acts of terrorists.

However, it has been reported that more than 1500 peoples (Male/Female) were present in the protest against the attack and the numbers exceed.

Heavy contingent of police reached at the scene to control protesters, though there are no signs of any investigation being carried out. Allegations of police support in assisting the terrorist flee have also been brought to the Correspondents’ notice.


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