Gilgit:- Mohammad Akbar embraced Shahdat

jos_news_gilgit The unknown terrorists were killed the Shia magistriate Mohammad Akbar at old Basin Gilgit on Monday. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Unknown miscreats opened the fire on Mohammad Akbar Car,  when he was was going to Gilgit from his native area of Basin, along with his brothers. The people of area immediately shifted the injured Mohammad Akbar and his brothers to the local hospital, but due to the serious injuries Mohammad Akbar, a magistrate of Gilgit, embraced Shahdat. The strong will of momineen who have braved un-abated killings of fellow momineen in different parts of Pakistan to-date, strongly hints that the ‘abtar’ ideology of yazidiat co-fathered by Imperialism,Zionism and modern Sufyaniyat is frustrated as is evident in their frenzied and mindless actions . The Nur of the exalted Martyrs will radiate forever, illuminating the lives of Millat-e-Jaffaria Pakistan and certainly their pure blood has its own ways to leave lasting impacts .Inshallah it will pull of the masks from the faces of yazidi terrorists,their local mentors and International Collaborators.


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