Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi martyrdom program held in karachi

jos_news_imamians2-300x200 Martyrdom prolongs the life of the nation; we all should adopt the way of martyrdom said by the Maulana Shabir Raza Bukhari and Maulana Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi in their addresses on 15th martyrdom anniversary program of Dr. Mohammad ali Naqvi Shaheed held at Madinaul Ilm Imam Bargah Karachi organized by Imamians Karachi. In their addressed to the participants,  the Speakers highlihgted the sacrifice of Shaheed Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi.  They said that Martyrdom prolongs the life of the nation and we all should follow the way of martyrdom.  They added that the participants about the life and service rendered by Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi Shaheed and emphasis on the importance of martyrdom in Islam. According to the Shiite news correspondent Former Central President of I.S.O Pakistan Molana Shabir Bukhari in his address said that Shaheed Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi was the true soldier of Imam e Zamana (ajtf) and during his life he was desperate of martyrdom. He said that we had an experience of working with Shaheed Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi and we always saw him in a very simple suit living a life of simplicity. Bukhari further said that he always obeyed the orders of Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif Hussaini. Our youth should live their life like Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi did it he added. Molana Ahmed Iqbal in his addresses emphasis on the importance of Martyrdom and said that Shaheed never dies; He is alive and receives food from his god. He said that martyrdoms with the sacrifice of their lives gives a new energy to the nation.  On this occasion hundreds of Lovers of Imam Hussain (a.s) participated from all over the Karachi including women and children. On this occasion Senior Vice President of Imamia Student organization Pakistan Rehman Shah, General Secretary Zohair Qumbry and Divisional President of ISO Karachi Division Zain Ansari also participated. However, large numbers of the formers of Imamia Students Organizaion also present on the occasion to pay tribute to Dr Mohammad Ali Naqvi, founder of various shia organizations in Pakistan.


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