Shia Ulema Council’s Parliamentary Board and Election Cell to meet on April 10

suc flaqShia Ulema Council’s Parliamentary Board and Election Cell will meet on April 10 to finalize which party they should join hands for the electoral adjustments.

Allama Arif Wahidi, Secretary General of the SUC said that talks were held with many parties including Pakistan Peoples Party for the electoral adjustments. However, it is premature to say anything for final deal with any party.

The SUC is contesting the Elections 2013 from the platform of Islami Tehrik Pakistan. According to Allama Wahidi the constituency of National Assembly NA-89 from Jhang district of Punjab is very much important for them.

To a question, he said, Shia vote-bank will not be divided in Jhang and God willing Shia candidate or their allied Sunni candidate will win the election from this seat.


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