1 Shia Martyred and 2 Injured in DG Khan

jos_d_g_khanOne shia martyred and two injured in the result of firing by the activists of outlawed terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba in Dera Ghazi Khan. According to the Shiite news correspondent, Renowned Shia Social worker Naseem Abbas martyred, his father Ghulam Rasool and relative Matloob Hussain got injured in the firing at Dera Ghazi Khan (Choti Zarreen) by the terrorist of outlawed organization Hafiz Abdullah and his companions. The residents of the areas were shifted the injured to the local hospital for the treatment. Outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorist group is not only activated in Punjab but its also spread the network of the banned outfit across the country and its sectarian activities have been increased in Sindh province after the Punjab, where the Punjab government has given the free hand to the terrorist organization to perform their activities and restore their network across the Punjab. The outfit has disguised themselves in the name of Ahle sunnat Jamaat but the question mark is why Government and its so called agencies are quiet and no steps have been taken against such type of sectarian deeds??….


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