ISO Pakistan is a patriotic organization, Government resolve all the concerns of Shia community, Rehman Malik telephonic conversation with Abbas Kumaili

jos_rehman-malik_allama-abbas-kumali-300x178Imamia Students organization Pakistan (ISO) is a patriotic organization, this statement was given by the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik in his telephonic conversation with the President of Jaffria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) Allama Abbas Kumaili. According to the Shiite news correspondent, Rehman Malik assured the Allama Abbas Kumaili that he will issue the clarification of his statement with create misconception about the ISO in the country. Mr Malik said that Imamia Students Organization is a patriotic organization saying that all the student organizations of the country were serving for the stability and development of the country. On the occasion, Jaffaria Alliance President Allama Abbas Kumaili expressed the shia community of Pakistan deep concern over the irresponsible statement of Rehman Malik against the ISO. He said that ISO was the only student organization of Millat-e-Jafaria Pakistan saying that they would not accept any statement against the ISO, which defame the credibility of the Shiite organization. He further said that ISO is a student organization, which has been working since 1972 with an agenda to promote the unity amongst all the Muslim sects. He assured the Federal Minister Rehman Malik about the support of shia community of the country for the stability and prosperity of the country. He demanded of the Federal Minister to immediately released the detained shia youths of Karachi arrested by the Agencies. It may be noted here that a couple of days ago Federal Minister Rehman Malik given the irresponsible statement outside the parliament house Islamabad, in which he holds outlawed terrorists organization Sipah-e-Sahaba, Sipah-e-Mohammad and ISO responsible for sectarian violence in Karachi and included ISO name with the banned organizations. In the reaction of Rehman Malik irresponsible statement, Imamia Students Organization and other Shiite organizations of the country addressed press conferences across the country and protest demonstrations and denounced the statement of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik. Collective & Aggressive response from all factions of Millat e Jafferiya throughout the country have compelled the Interior Ministry to take back their statement and declare that all student organizations especially ISO are patriotic organization of the country.


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