ISO denounce the irresponsible statement of Rehman Malik

jos_iso_president1Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Pakistan Central President Adil Bangash has severely condemned the irresponsible statement of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik in which he declared it as an outlawed organisation saying that the statement of Rehman Malik shows the desires of United States against the ISO. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, He was addressing the huriedly called Press  conference at ISO Central office at Lahore on Saturday. The Central President condemned the statement against the Imamia Students organization and cleared that ISO is a student organization, which has been working since 1972 with an agenda to promote the unity amongst all the Muslim sects. He mentioned that the ISO was an anti America and Israel organisation due to which Rehman Malik was taking the support of his statements against it to fulfill his commitment with U.S Ambassador. However, history of ISO reflects that it always worked for the national integrity of the country. Bangash said, “Rehman Malik’s statement is a conspiracy to create sectarian violence which he is issued on behalf of his boss, America.” He also lashed out the activities of the Punjab Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah who, according to them, had supported a banned outfit for his vote bank. That is why, a wave of terrorism spread in different places especially Lahore where a large number of innocent people were killed in recent blasts on different places. He deplored that the members of the American Congress had accepted the presence of Blackwater in the country but the Federal Interior Minister was consistently rejecting their existence which it tantamount to treachery with the nation. He said that Rehman Malik despite the office of the Interior Ministry of the country Rehman Malik was not aware that Imamia Students Organization is the student organization, adding that Government has not imposed the ban on ISO. However, Addressing the press conference at Karachi press club, ISO Central Senior Vice President Rehman Shah, General Secretary  Zohair Qambari and others said that that I.S.O is a patriotic organization which came into being in 1972 and since 1972 its activities are based on patriotism. They said that I.S.O has played a vital role in the Stabilization of country through creating harmony Muslims unity. They denounced the statement of Rehman Malik and said that His statement regarding I.S.O reflects his lack of knowledge. I.S.O is busy in removing sectarian elements from the society since when it came into being. I.S.O has always appreciated Pakistan Army on their war and sacrifices against the terrorism, they added. They vehemently denounced the Rehman Malik’s statement and said it is a shameful act of him and alleged that Rehman Malik was fullfill the US agenda in the country through issuing such statement against the ISO.


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