Heirs of martyrs of Quetta vow to stand with Shia leadership

shohada conference Heirs and relatives of martyrs of Quetta tragedies and other Shia martyrs of Pakistan vowed they would continue to follow the Shia leadership in their struggle to practice inalienable rights of Shiites. They made this pledge at “Martyrs of Quetta and Lahore Conference” held in Lahore under the aegis of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen women wing. The heirs and relatives of the martyrs of Quetta and Lahore attended and spoke at the conference. MWM leaders Allama Abu Zar Mehdavi, Allama Haider Ali Moosavi, Allama Iqbal Kamrani, Allama Hasnain Arif, Haider Ali Mirza, Coordinator of Chief Minister Punjab for religious affairs also participated in the conference. Speaking at the conference, Allama Amin Shaheedi, MWM’s deputy secretary general and these notables announced that now a main sit-in will be staged in Lahore if the Punjab government fails to launch operation against outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. They disclosed that federal interior minister briefed them about terrorism in a meeting that lasted for two hours. They informed the audience that the spokesman for Pakistan armed forces Major General Salim Asim Bajwa also conveyed to them that he was also willing to hold a meeting with them. They said this was the outcome of the sacred blood of martyrs because their martyrdoms emboldened Shiites in Pakistan to that extent. They urged Punjab government to eliminate terrorists instead of launching a war of words with the federal government on the issue of terrorism. They opposed the posting of Mushtaq Sukhera as IGP Balochistan and demanded that he must be removed because he had close friendly relations with the terrorists during his posting in Punjab. They demanded that targeted operation against terrorists in Quetta must be intensified and outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s terrorists should be liquidated in all over Pakistan. The mother, daughter and spouse of martyr Dr Ali Haider of Lahore and heirs of martyrs of Quetta apprised the audience of how martyrs spent their lives. They said that they sacrificed their near and dear ones following the true path of Imam Hussain (AS) but they will never remain silent on the oppression of Shiites. They vowed that they continue struggle for attaining the legitimate rights of Shia Muslims under the leadership of Shia religious authorities. Shia leaders criticized the ethnic-oriented two parties and their leaderships for launching a media trial of Shia religious leadership and said Shia Hazara notables such as Sardar Haji Abdul Qayoom Changezi and Sardar Saadat Ali Hazara are members of the 3-members committee that is formed to monitor the implementation of the demands accepted by the government.


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