Government not to extend Governor’s rule in Balochistan after March 14

balochistan logoLaw Minister Farooq H Naek said that governor’s rule in Balochistan will be revoked before March 14, Express News reported on Friday.
He added that extension order of governor’s rule was needed after two months from parliament’s giant session, but government had no intention of extending the order.
Naek said that establishing a caretaker government ahead of announcing national elections was a constitutional requirement and the government had to undertake negotiations with the opposition parties and the speaker of the National Assembly to make this happen.
The federal government had imposed governor rule in mid January after a massive terrorist attack in Quetta that killed over 100 people.
The most recent attack claimed the lives of 89 people in a busy marketplace in a Hazara dominated area of Quetta on Februrary 16.
In the wake of these incessant terrorist attacks, even the civilians of Balochistan, who initially demanded the enforcement of governor rule, later insisted on army takeover.


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