Wahhabi Terrorists Attack Shia Muslims in Parachinar, 3 martyred

jos_breaking_news2-300x180 Three Shia Muslims martyred, and four injured when a group of Wahhabi infidels atacked them at Turgarh near to Kurram Agency. According to the Shiite News, In the attack of Notritious Wahhabi terrorists a member of Shaheed Foundation Pakistan and 2 other innocent Shia embraced martyrdom, while 4 others injured in the terrorists attacks. The bloody attack of Wahabi Taliban terrorists were occurred near Turgarh, when the convoy carrying the Shia’s of Kurram Agency on their way to Kurram Agency Parachinar, the Taliban terrorists were opened the fire on the convoy of Parachinar’s shia’s at Turgarh. Parachinar, Kurram Agency had been under siege for more than last three years because pro-Taliban and pro-Al-Qaeda local Wahhabi terrorists were enjoying complete freedom to hold residents of whole of the area hostage through encirclement. However, Interestingly, routes leading from Kurram Agency to Afghanistan are relatively more secure for travelling as compared to the routes leading to Pakistani territories. Taliban terrorists had put Kurram Agency under siege in March/April 2007 and since then it remained under siege. On Shia Muslims protest, government had formulated a policy for protection of the convoys going to Parachinar but security forces also failed to protect the convoys. A vast majority of Pakistanis call war on terrorism and insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan a “fixed match” between the U.S.-led allies and Taliban-AlQaeda terrorists. Neither the 40-plus U.S.-led forces defeat terrorists’ altogether since their war started in late 2001 and now the Taliban-AlQaeda cause colossal losses to their combatant enemies. Non-combatant persons, children, women and elderly males are killed in hundreds and thousands. But, neither terrorists nor the foreign forces have so far been killed in dozens, let alone hundreds.


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