Shia School of Thought Capable of Answering the Youths’ Ideological, Political Questions

SAJID NAQVI SUCPAKThe Shia school of thought is capable of providing answers to the ideological and political questions of the youth, leader of Pakistan’s Shia Ulema Council said.

Speaking at a forum held in the Al-Hakim Islamic School in the city of Rawalpindi, Punjab province, Hojat-ol- Islam Sayyid Sajid Naqavi added that no other school of thought has such a capability and potential.

He pointed to the soft war launched by the enemies and said Shia Muslims can be victories in this war if they take recourse to the Seerah of the great Shia figures.

Hojat-ol-Islam Naqavi further underlined the need for attending ceremonies held to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions, adding that the objective of Imam Hussein (AS) uprising was to save humanity from ignorance, bewilderment and deviation.

The senior Pakistani cleric also stressed that the enemies are wrong to think they can stop the wave of devotion to Imam Hussein (AS) by killing Shia Muslims and mourners of Imam Hussein (AS) martyrdom.


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