Notorious Wahhabi terrorists forced a convoy of 300 Shia Muslims not to return their homes in Kurram Agency, Parachinar.


Notorious Wahhabi terrorists forced a convoy of 300 Shia Muslims not to return their homes in Kurram Agency, Parachinar. The convoy was stopped at Kohat Bypass, Nusrat Khel in North Western Frontier Province (NWFP).

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, the hapless and

helpless Shias of Parachinar had suffered immense mental torture because of Wahhabis’ nine-hour road blockade at Kohat By-Pass.


The convoy of Shia notables, professional, educationists, students, women and patients was on war to Parachinar Wahhabi terrorists of Kohat forced them to return to Peshawar, on Tuesday.

District Coordination Officer (DCO) Kohat and high officials of Pakistan Army also failed to provide them safe-passage when the convoy sought security from them through repeated contacts.

The relevant high officials had not taken any action against the terrorists but held negotiations to clear the route. Shia Muslims condemn the government’s officials for their abject failure to shoulder its primary responsibility that is protection of Pakistani citizens.

Some of the victims told Shiite News that on one hand, U.S.-led NATO and ISAF forces make tall claims of anti-terrorists operations but they too killed civilians largely. And on the other, there are tall claims that Taliban fights foreign occupation but they too target innocent civilians such as Shia Muslims of Parachinar.

“It still remains a fixed match between the foreign occupation and self-claimed anti-occupation militants because they don’t kill each other so heavily as compared to killings by them of hundreds of innocent and non-combatant Muslims,” said a Karachi-based analyst.

Parachinar, Kurram Agency had been under siege for more than last three years because pro-Taliban and pro-Al-Qaeda local Wahhabi terrorists were enjoying complete freedom to hold residents of whole of the area hostage through encirclement.

The convoy had started travelling towards their homes at Parachinar from Peshawar.

The brutal siege of hapless Shia Muslims in Kurram Agency, Parachinar had evoked a countrywide wave of protest rallies across the country. That compelled the Government to start two convoys monthly from Kurram Agency to Peshawar and Peshawar to Kurram agency. Frontier Corps and other Army personnel were assigned to guard the convoy but they failed because Wahhabi terrorists control a vast area of the route leading to Parachinar from Peshawar.

Kurram agency, a federally administered tribal area (FATA), has a population of more than 0.8 million Shia Muslims who suffered from brutalities of Taliban terrorists much more than any other religious or ethnic community.

Shia Muslims of Kurram Agency (Parachinar) had to travel to Pakistani territories via Afghanistan because the government and army of Pakistan lacked their writ in the areas leading to Parachinar.

The Shia Muslims of Parachinar, Jaffaria Alliance of Shia organisations and Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen of Shia groups have condemned the criminal silence of United Nations Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group and Human Rights Organisation of Pakistan (HRCP), civil society, NGOs and lawyers organisations towards the worst violation of human rights of Shia Muslims.

They also condemned the Western governments that are self-claimed champions of human rights.

They said that hapless Shia Muslims suffer from genocide, massacre and pogrom-like anti-Shiism since early 1980s but no serious practical step has been taken so far against the perpetrators of genocide of Shia Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Shia Muslims and anti-Taliban Sunni Muslims are under impression that Israeli Mossad, American CIA and British MI5 and MI6 and their allied agencies of other countries had invented Taliban and Al-Qaeda to tame anti-Imperialist and anti-Colonialist Muslims under the pretext that the U.S. and its allies would protect the victims of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Since 9/11 (2001), U.S. army and its allies remain present in this region but they too failed to contain the threat of terrorism. Shia Muslims were target of Wahhabi terrorism before 9/11 and they are still target of these notorious terrorists even after 9/11.


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