Former Air Force pilot Shaeba Ahmed arrested from Karachi for financing al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda suffered a great loss in the Indian sub-continent on Tuesday when its biggest financial supporter, who also used to brain wash the younger generation, was arrested. The arrested person named Syed Shaeba Ahmed was born on 6th March 1963 and did B.Sc. from the P.A.F College Sargodha in 1984. He had also worked in Karachi’s once famous BCCI Bank. He started his own chemical business in Dubai after leaving his bank job in 1990 and then shifted to Karachi in 2007. He married to an Iranian lady in Karachi in 2000 and has four children. One of his sons is an O-level student. He joined ‘Tanzeem e Islmai’ in 1998 but left the party in 2008 with 40 other people due to conflict with Dr. Israr Ahmed. After this, he started teaching religion in Karachi of which Hafiz Nasir and Azhar Ishrat, main culprits of Safoora incident, were also a part. According to Shaeba Ahmed, issues were developed between him and Hafiz Nasir & Azhar Ishrat over Jihad and they left him.

Security officials have revealed that Syed Shaeba Ahmed had been a fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force but was expelled due to his thoughts. They also told that law enforcement agencies had been searching for Shaeba Ahmed since a long time and thought that this would be a common name of some terrorist but it turned out to be the real name of the financial supporter and mental planner of sub-continent’s Al-Qaeda. According to security sources, Shaeba Ahmed was living in Defense Karachi in a 1000 yard bungalow at the rent of Rs.150000 per month. Security officials also found a basement in his house however, no considerable material was found in the house that caused suspicion and when they opened another secret door within the basement they found that it led to the basement of another house in the neighborhood where a huge amount of chemical was present. However, officials are still not sure whether the chemical is explosive material or normal chemical and are waiting for the forensic report. Laptop and other things were also taken into custody during the raid. Security officials found e-mails in the laptop that were sent by Daesh from Middle Eastern countries but Shaeba had not replied to any of those e-mails. Laptop and other things that were taken into custody have also been sent for forensic examination.


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