Deobandi press, printing profane books with Shia scholars’ names, busted

printing pressTakfiri deobandi religious scholar was arrested after his printing press system publishing profane books to deceive Sunnis against Shiites, was busted in Peshawar.

Police raided a house in Lala Rukh Colony and arrested its owner Qari Abdul Sadiq for printing profane books which he was publishing under the names of Shia writers to deceive people as Shiites wrote these books.

He was running a printing press inside his house and publishing books containing materials against Sunnis.

It was not first incident of its kind, in the 1990s too, similar printing press system was busted. Outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba (then it was not banned), was running the printing press to make Sunnis believe that Shiites write books against the persons they regard as their sacred leaders. Derogatory remarks have been used against the companions of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW) in those books that is a conspiracy against Shiites aimed at spark-off sectarian terrorism.

It is relevant to add here that great leader of Islamic Revolution and central authority of the world’s Shia Muslims Imam Seyyed Ali Hussaini Khamenei has issued fatwa against humiliation of the persons who Sunnis regard as their sacred person. “It is forbidden to disrespect the sanctity of sacred persons of Sunni Brothers,” the fatwa says.

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