Soyem Majlis (Congregation) of Arabeen (Chehlum) Martyrs held in karachi

jos_allama_kumaili1-225x300 Jafaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) President Allama Abbas Kumaili addressing the Central Majlis (Congregation) of the Soyem congregation of the martyrs of the Arbaeen (Chehlum) Imam Hussain (AS) twin bombings demanded of the Government to immediately held the terrorists involved in the barbaric acts of bomb blasts.  At the Majlis, which was organised at the Hussainian Sifarat Khana by the families of martyrs of Arbaeen bomb blasts, the JAP chief said that there were only two communities on the world: Yazidi and Hussaini. “We are the followers of Imam Hussain (AS) ; we stand against the forces of tyranny. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, hundreds of thousands mourners were attended the congregation of the martyrs of Arbaeen bomb blast incidents,majoirty of the martyrs were active members of Hussaini Azadar Tanzeem Malir,Karachi. Allama Abbas Kumaili said thatWe have been oppressed by Yazidi elements from day one, but have never bowed to them,” he said. “Hussainiat preaches humanity, irrespective of colour and breed. We buried our martyrs and the world has witnessed that we remained peaceful. This is the true lesson of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS).” Kumaili demanded that City Nazim Mustafa Kamal fulfil his commitment for the formation of the Shuhada Memorial in Boultan Market. “Otherwise, we will build it ourselves,” he said. “The Ashura and Chehlum blasts indicate a security lapse. This shows that the security agencies are either inefficient, or they were complicit in these bombings,” Kumaili alleged. Despite these assurances, however, another incident occurred within 40 days, Kumaili said. “The government’s failure to investigate these blasts has forces us to come to the street and ask the people to prepare themselves for the “Jail filling campaign”  (Jail Bharo Tehreek).

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