Inspector Bomb Disposal transferred to Sukkur as punishment


Inspector Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) Karachi, Inspector Munir Ahmed Sheikh has been transferred to Sukkur for what appears to be the punishment for telling the truth. He was serving as Karachi Incharge for Bomb Disposal Squad which reports directly to IG Police. Munir Ahmed Sheikh had briefed media on the Karachi bomb blasts on the occasion of Arbaeen (Chehlum) of Imam Hussain (AS). He also spoke about the dearth of resources in the Squad which were not liked the high ups and he was transferred to Sukkur on the pretext that a seat of inspector is vacant there.

It is pertaining to mention here that Inspector Munir Ahmed had said that the Bomb Disposal Squad did not have any modern equipment and that he performed his assigned responsibilities by leaving all the matters to the will of Allah almighty.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Munir Sheikh, following the bombing at Jinnah Hospital, said the Bomb Disposal Squad is working without modern equipments, as the present bomb-detecting apparatus cannot detect the sealed bombs, adding the BDS work is underway Allah Tawwakul. He seems apparently precisely telling the truth as the route of Youm-e-Ashura procession was scanned with these worthless apparatus; however, More than 80 people were lost their lives in the five bomb blast incidents held in the metropolis on 8,9, and 10th Muharram and twin bomb blasts on Arbaeen (Chehlum) Imam Hussain (AS) day.

The worst performance of Police, Rangers and Bomb Disposal Squad have exposed the incompetency of these institutions and the failure of the Government to protect the lives of innocent people.


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