Shia Ulema Council to stage protest today against Shia Killings

jos_allama_sajid_naqvi-257x300The Shia Ulema Council (SUC) announced to stage protest rallies and demonstrations across the Sindh on Sunday (today) On the second day of mourning in connection with the Arbaeen (Chehlum) twin bomb blasts in karachi.   The announcement was made by Shia Ulema Council Pakistan Chief Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi at a press conference held here at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Saturday. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi demanded an independent and impartial high-level inquiry be constituted and the culprits be brought to book. Renowned Shia leader said that the government once again had failed to avert the terrorist activities like the Ashura procession in which several mourners and peaceful citizens lost their lives. “If the administration had taken collective measures, the incident would not have occurred, demanding that a higher level judicial commission should be established to conduct an impartial inquiry into the matter”, he said. He added,” We are sure that the terrorist would be expose if the govt take action sincerely”. He warned the militants that their cowardly attacks could not weaken the mourning of Imam Hussain (AS), rather it will be firm and strong in the face of every kind of atrocities. He further appealed the government to award the exemplary punishment to the miscreants involved in the bloody mishaps and release the innocent Shiite youth who were detained on the base of partial CCTV footage. He also showed the solidarity with the Christian and Sunni community who lost their lives in Jinnah Hospital blast. He further demanded that compensation be paid to all those who were martyred during the 9th, 10th Muharram and Arbaeen (Chehlum) indiscriminately. He expressed his thanks to the people who endorsed the strike call given by the Shia organisations. He said a high-level judicial commission be formed to investigate the factors behind these incidents that occurred within 40 days and who were the culprits who unleashed a reign of terror in the city. The cooperation extended by the people denied the impression that it was a sectarian clash and said that it was the continuation of Ashura blast and a total failure of the government and security agencies. Rejecting the proposed ban on the Azadri (Mourning of Imam Hussain as), he said that the Azadari was constitutional and religious obligation of Millat-e-Jafferia that would continue to be taken out during Muharram. He denounced the recommendations made by the Islamic Ideology Council (IDC) regarding ban of religious obligations, he demanded of the government that the Ulema belonging to all schools of thought should be given representation in the IDC so that a consensus viewpoint should be evolved from this platform.


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