Shia Ulema Council Warns of massive countrywide protest if prisoners not release

jos_shiaulemaprotest3-300x199 Shiite Clerics at a protest rally, took out on the calls of Shia Ulema Council (SUC) has warned the government of countrywide protest if it fails to release innocent Shiites arrested illegally after on the suspicion of their involvement in Ashura mayhem. The Rally Started from Numaish Chowrangi to Governor House on Sunday, where the participants of protest rally stage tokeen sit-in protest in favor of thier demands. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Emotionally charged marchers of protest rally, which was led by renowned Shia Clerics including family members of different martyrs, family members of innocent arrested persons, national, religious scholars, women and children also participated in large numbers chanted anti-government slogans and demanding immediate release of prisoners unconditionally informing that they will not be engaged in any dialogue.  Addressing to protest renowned shia cleric Maulana Shabir Mesami said clear cut that no one will be allowed for more negotiation and dialogue with Govt and whoever do it, they will be called traitors. He said that sacrifice and giving lives is in our inheritance we are the devotees of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) who always dared to fight against the oppressors. He mentioned that “what will happen when more than one lack mourners will come out on streets to give their lives in protest you will not be able to count them but history is not going to forgive you”. He criticized that police is harassing and arresting innocent people raiding their houses. He urged to stop arresting people from different areas of the city. He condemned the media that it has not highlighted the severity of the Ashura mayhem and plights of the families who lost their loved-ones in the mayhem and blast. He said that we request media to discharge its duties dutifully to highlight the plights and sufferings of the families the way it has done for Bolton market traders. In his address to the marchers Senior vice president Shia Ulema Council Allama Jaffar Subhani asked government that do not think that we are afraid of any consequence you can arrest us, kill us but we are not going to sit with ease till our innocent prisoners are released. He accused government of not abiding by the promises and continually changing its position about who actually carried out the Ashura Blast. He severely criticized that police ever since the blast using different tactics to divert the attention from the real culprits and providing a cover-up to the perpetrators. He said Ashura tragedy was not the small one and it will not be easily forgotten it was one of the worst tragedy of the country’s history. He said in the tragedy 50 mourners were killed and more than hundred were injured due to this tragedy many people have been severely affected belonging to different sects and segments of the society. Provincial General Secretary (SUCP) Allama Nazir Abbas Taqvi said that it was the beginning of the movement and our protesters now will decide that what will have to do next. He said that will not tolerate anyone who will impede our mourning processions and all the efforts of obstructing our ways to practice Ashura procession must be foiled as these processions have been coming out after Kabala incident and Hazrat BB Zainab (RA) protects these procession therefore no one can stop us from this. We are followers of Imam Hussain (RA) and our heads are ready to cut but we will not surrender, Taqvi made it clear.  He said that “This march is symbolic one and we have taken it out peacefully government should fulfill its promises of releasing prisoners instead of compelling us to block streets and roads across Pakistan”. He lamented and condemned CCPO Karachi that he felt proud in implicating and arresting innocent people he further said that we warn government that release our prisoners overnight or we will be free to decide future actions and government will be responsible for all the consequences. Protesters were demanded the overnight release of the prisoners; they asked Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a judicial commission for probing into the Ashura mayhem, and warned of a countrywide protest if prisoners are not released.A massive deployment of police and law enforcement agencies was seen with the protest march and police had put barricades which blocked all the roads leading to governor house. Protesters hold a sit-in at fountain chowk next to governor house.

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