International Terrorist Groups are ready to trigger unrest in Pakistan, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas

Shiite News: The Central Secretary-General of MWM Pakistan, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas warned the Nation that our beloved country is passing through the worst ever the situation, unwise measures of the Government have brought the country to the verge of economic collapse. He expressed such views while addressing a press conference at Central Secretariat of MWM in Islamabad. He further said that the inability and ineligibility of the elite and tug war of power have weakened the State. In this situation, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other International terrorist wings are at our doorstep to trigger unrest in beloved Pakistan. Ignoring the ongoing scenario will be tantamount to inviting irrecoverable losses.

He added that geographically Pakistan possesses an important position in the region. It is a central passage for the transition of the balance of power in Asia while the USA along with its allies wants Pakistan to be unstable to affect the economical proceeding of China. Sectarian and Ethnic riots in the country are a game plan of imperialistic agenda. Therefore, we would have to be united to thwart such satanic conspiracies.

He said that recent recessions in the country are by-products of such Governments who kept the Nation dependent on others rather than forming their own Interior and Foreign policies. Economic experts were chosen for the Financial Institutions that were loyal to others instead of their country.

He further said that the baton-bash on the families of the Missing Persons in Karachi and arrests is highly deplorable. Demonstration of grief and sorrow for missing beloved has been made a crime by the State. The Government should not take the Shia community as an easy target. On one side, the Government hug terrorist, on the other hand, it uses power to suppress the peaceful Shia Community for voicing for civil rights. These tactics indicate that the State wants people to indulge in extremism and power show.

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