Dignified Shia community ready to combat Yazidi’s conspiracies

Shiite News: Dignified Shia community is ready to answer blasphemy cases against mourner on cursing Yazid bin Mavia (Malaoon) in befitted legal manners.

According to details, Punjab Police lodge an FIR cited allegation of cursing killer of Imam Hussain (AS) and his fellow martyrs in Kerbala, named Yazid bin Mavia. On this biased step of Punjab Police Shia community under the leadership of renowned social activist Chaudhry Mohsin Hassan, submitted a complaint against disgrace of religion in PS Saddar, Chakwal and also received a receipt of it. On this occasion, Police also assured Shia Community to registered FIR soon, in this regard.

This to remembered that banned Sipah-e-Sahaba with new name Tahreek Khudam Ahle Sunnat wa Aljamat are engage to spread sectarian difference in Society. In this regard a Nasibi activist Muhammad Hafiz s/o Muhammad Aziz lodged a fake complainant of blasphemy of Sahaba, against Imran Akber Gondal on cursing Yazid bin Mavia (Malaoon).

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