The unconsciousness of govt institutes about missing persons shows the law of jungle

Shiitenews: Sit-in protest of Joint shia action Committee for missing persons is on its 25th day. Senior scholar Allama Mirza Yousuf Hussain expressed his solidarity with families of missing persons.

Adressing the protest he said that the families of missing persons are in sit-in facing all problems and hurdles from the faces of these families it seems that they are not citizen of Pakistan but refugees. Dictatorship is still on in this country, Democracy is not even far here.

He said its unfortunate to ignore the orders of court and judiciary system for missing persons and its a question mark on law and constitution. The unconsciousness of government institutes about missing persons shows the law of jungle. Our youth are disappearing forcefully by the law and constitution. The government institutes should answer that who is taking the youth of Millat e Jaffaria?

He included that we will response to the plannings that discourage Millat e Jaffaria with our sense of patriotism. We will never allow to pass our mourners life in dark torcher cells. Government and state institutes should know there will be heavy protest across the country if the missing persons were not recovered.

Before prime minister ship, Imran Khan his self said that if there any missing person exist in my governance I will resign but unfortunately the citizens of this country is missing since 10 years and up to now on daily basis our youth are taking away but the sight of government is closed. The expenses and joblessness is increasing in the country and the slogans of changings has mad nation to worry about their future.

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