Shias of karachi warn countrywide protest drive


The Shia community of Karachi staged protest demonstrations on Sunday outside Karachi press club to protest against the genocide of Shias across Pakistan and a possible witch-hunt against the shia youths of Karachi.

Addressing the protest demonstration,

 Agha Aftab Hyder Jafri, Ali Karar Naqvi, and Maulana Yawar Abbas warned of a countrywide protest against the brutalities being committed against Shias all over Pakistan and strongly condemned the raids on houses – violating the sanctity of their homes – harassment of women and children, arrests of innocent youths and merciless torture.


The demonstration was organized by Shiyan-e-Haider-e-Karrar, a group of supporters registered their protest outside the Karachi Press Club. large numbers of women and men participated in the protest demonstration, they were carrying the placards against the failure of the government to protect the holy procession of Ashura and demanded of the government to immediately arrest the terrorists involved in the bomb blast in Ashura procession.

The enraged protesters denounced the arrest of Shia youths in the metropolis.


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