Balochistan Shia Conference leader among 2 subjected to enforced disappearance

Balochistan Shia Conference leader among 2 subjected to enforced disappearance.

Rasheed Turi, Jafari Ali and other Shia notables were going from Quetta to Karachi.

Balochistan Shia Conference leader among 2 subjected to enforced disappearance

The personnel in plainclothes pulled the four out of vehicle at Lakpass check post.

Later, they released two of them late night. According to reports, the cops took them away in the morning on March 20, 2021.

Apparently, the cops have subjected Rashid Ali Turi and Jafar Ali to enforced disappearance.

Rashid Turi belongs to Balochistan Shia Conference and also leads Anjuman Imam Bargah Turi as its president.
Jafar Ali son of Ibrahim of Hazara Town had retired from Pakistan Army. He belongs to Anjuman Imam Bargah Wali Asr Hazara Town.

In the past, he had served as MWM Hazara Town chapter secretary general.

Nowadays, Rashid Ali Turi was doing the coal business and Jafar Ali worked as property dealer.

Nation condemns

People of Pakistan have condemned this hypocrisy on the issue of enforced disappearance (so-called missing persons).

They reminded Prime Minister Imran Khan who directed for legislation to criminalize enforced disappearance on March 18.

Most importantly, the PM said so during a meeting with three members of Balochistan’s missing persons in Islamabad.

According to Minister Shireen Mazari, he called for fast track legislation to criminalize enforced disappearance.

Besides, he also directed for amendment to other laws if needed.

As per Dr Shireen Mazari’s tweet, the Prime Minister expressed this resolve.

She further said that the trio who met PM represented the 13 families of the last month sit-in in Islamabad.

Allama Hassan Zafar sees enforced disappearance a challenge for judiciary

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister tasked his Principal Secretary to ascertain quickly the exact status of the missing family members.

He expressed commitment to update the committee members on the progress in this regard.

On March 20, 2021, the cops again subjected two persons from Balochistan province to enforced disappearance.

That shows lack of Prime Minister’s own writ on the state institutions’ personnel.

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