US again sides with India on Kashmir while calling it union territory

US again sides with India on Kashmir while calling it union territory.

The US State Department used the term “union territory” while referring to India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir in its news briefing on Wednesday.

US again sides with India on Kashmir

Despite that, State Department spokesman Ned Price emphasised at the same time that Washington’s Kashmir policy remained unchanged.

During press briefing, he said that U.S. welcome steps to return the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to full economic and political normalcy consistent with India’s democratic values.

He said this, while answering a question about the disputed territory.

The United States in past had recognized Jammu and Kashmir as an area disputed between India and Pakistan.

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Washington DC also urged both to resolve this issue through bilateral talks.

But last month, a State Department tweet referred to the disputed territory as “India’s Jammu & Kashmir.”

Now, the spokesman’s stance shows similar viewpoint compatible with the tweet.

Meanwhile, Pakistan had reacted instantly and lamented U.S. stance regarding Kashmir.

But the U.S. govt had clarified that its stance remains unchanged and this time too, they insist the stance remains unchanged.

However, calling Kashmir union territory amounts to back India’s policy.


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