Armed forces never hesitate to sacrifice lives for defence of Pakistan: Minister

Armed forces never hesitate to sacrifice lives for defence of Pakistan, said Minister Shehryar Afridi.

Kashmir Committee chairman, Shehryar Khan Afridi on Saturday said that Pakistan armed forces had never hesitated to sacrifice their lives while safeguarding the frontiers of the country.

Armed forces never hesitate to sacrifice lives for defence

He stated this in a message on the occasion of ‘Surprise Day.

Afridi further said that let India know that our soldiers do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for safeguarding each and every inch of Pakistan.

He said the Armed Forces of Pakistan were not afraid to risk their lives for the sake of national dignity and sovereignty.

Moreover, he said on February 27, Pakistan Air Force responded to Indian aggression and shot down Indian aircraft over violation of Pakistan’s airspace.

The chairman said Pakistan Army had set an example of humanity by saving the life captured Indian pilot Abhinandan. “I hope Abhinandan will remember the taste of tea for a long time” he added.

He said that Pakistan expressed desire for peace and security by ensuring safer return of Abhinandan to India.

He said that international community had recognized the unmatched sacrifices and commitment of Pakistan for the cause of peace.

“We will continue to expose the ugly face of India to the world” Shehryar Khan Afridi.

He said the whole nation stood with the Pakistan army in every hour of trial.

Shehryar Afridi said India would always face a benefitting response from Pakistan’s armed forces whenever it attempted for doing any misadventure against Pakistan.

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