Naval Forces officials of Pakistan and Iran meet in Karachi

Naval Forces officials of Pakistan and Iran meet in Karachi on the sidelines of multinational Naval Exercise Aman-21.

Pakistan Navy is hosting the international naval drill in Pakistani waters.

Naval Forces officials of Pakistan and Iran meet in Karachi

The head of the military delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed the need to strengthen naval cooperation between Iran and Pakistan.

Delegation of the General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces led by Commodore Ariya Shafghat Rodsari comprises of the Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC and Navy.

They met with Commander Pakistan Fleet Admiral Naveed Ashraf in Karachi on Friday.

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Colonel Mostafa Ghanbarpour military attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran also remained present during the meeting.

The meeting held on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the seventh edition of the multinational maritime exercise Aman-2021.

Moreover, the two sides reviewed the latest state of Iran-Pakistan cooperation in the field of maritime security.

Both sides agreed to enhance interactions between the two countries’ navies.

پاکستان پر انقلاب اسلامی ایران کے اثرات

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Pakistani Fleet considered the presence of the Iranian military delegation in the international exercise important.

Furthermore, the two sides also agreed to expand cooperation between the two navies through visiting each other’s ports and holding joint exercises.

The Exercise is conducted by the Pakistan Navy after every two years with a resolve against terrorism and piracy.

انقلاب اسلامی ایران کی کہانی پاکستانی سفارتکار کی زبانی

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