Shia Muslims observe Ashura Asad to commemorate Imam Hussain

Shia Muslims observe Ashura Asad to commemorate Imam Hussain-led Great Martyrs of Karbala as per solar calendar.

However, Shia mourners also observed Ashura Asad as a day of prayers against Coronavirus pandemic.

Shia Muslims observe Ashura Asad

Notably, they took out mourning processions in Gamba, Skardu and paid homage to Imam Hussain and his companions.

Usually, 15 mourning processions with alams, Zuljanah, taazia/taboot are taken out there.

They bring out main procession from Imam Bargah Sadiq (AS) that culminate at Khanqah-e-Moallah in Gamba, Skardu.

The Shia Islamic scholars highlight various aspects of sacred life of Imam Hussain (AS) on such occasion.

They recall great martyrs of humanity (Martyrs of Karbala) who put unmatched resistance to the forces of Umayyad tyranny in Karbala.

Moreover, many others set up sabeel of water, soft drink, etc., for the procession. They also set up medical camps there.

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Usually, Shia Muslims observe Ashura on the 10th day of Moharram ul Haram, the first month of Islamic lunar calendar.


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