SUC asks people to remain ready for azadari in accordance with SOP

SUC asks people to remain ready for azadari in accordance with SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) which the President of Pakistan announced.

Shia Ulema Council leader Allama Sibtain Sabzwari cited sacred mourning (azadari) as religious and cultural right of Shia Muslim citizens which Constitution and law of Pakistan also guarantee.

SUC asks people to remain ready

Hence, he said people and specially Shia Muslims must remain prepared to observe martyrdom anniversary of Maula Ali, Amir al Maumineen (commander of faithful).

However, he made clear that azadar (mourners) have to ensure social distancing as per SOP which World Health Organisation and Pakistan government have also notified.

Moreover, he announced, Shia Muslims/azadars would mourn the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS) on the anniversary which Pakistanis call Yaum-e-Ali or Ali Day.

Why ban on Shia Islamic rituals while other congregations allowed?

Although people of Pakistan and particularly of Sindh province take Coronavirus related precautionary measures seriously, they see bias and double standards also.

For instance, Sunni Muslims unanimously recognize non-obligatory nature of Taraweeh or taraveeh prayers and such prayers in congregations.

But the government has allowed Taraweeh prayers in mosques while people also see violation of Covid-19 precautionary measures during Taraweeh prayers.

Let alone Taraweeh prayers, people see huge gatherings in mosques during daily congregational prayers. They line up closely and violate the discipline and precautionary measures daily.

Meanwhile, people also gather to get aid under various government schemes such as Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme. They also gather to get food ration which NGOs/charity organisation or philanthropists give them.

We can give many examples of violation of precautionary measures which we witness ourselves in our surroundings.

Keeping in view ground realities and comparison with other congregations such as non-obligatory taraveeh prayers, one may note unjustifiably and bias towards azadari congregations.

Critics must end unjust bias towards Shia religious and cultural rituals.



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