Pakistan Senate unanimously rejects US Middle East Plan

Pakistan Senate unanimously rejects US Middle East Plan which President Donald Trump had presented in Washington DC.

The upper house of Pakistan’s bicameral parliament unanimously adopted a resolution.

It opposed US President Donald Trump’s controversial Middle East peace plan that he had announced last month.

Pakistan Senate unanimously rejects

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami tabled the resolution.

He said that his resolution enjoyed overwhelming support from all Senators from ruling and the opposition parties.

State-run Pakistan Television also reported adoption of the resolution.

While expressing concern over Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century,” the senators declared it tantamount to an instrument of forcing Palestinians to humiliating surrender to their oppressors (Israel).

The resolution also called for the issue to be fairly and peacefully resolved in light of UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.

As per UNGA and UNSC, solution includes establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state and safe return of all Palestinians to their homes and lands which currently remain under illegitimate possession of Israeli settlers.

However, Israeli Jewish settlers occupy Palestinians land and homes in flagrant violation of international law.

The UNGA and UNSC also had been calling for halt to acts of aggression against Palestinians.

The Senate of Pakistan further urged the government to take steps to summon special sessions of the UN General Assembly and Organization of Islamic Cooperation to work out a consensus-based strategy.

Senate recommended that for the amicable settlement of the Palestinian issue, their strategy must duly regard the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people which international law also recognize.


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