Police register case against anti-blasphemer protesters in Behal Bhakkar

Police register case against anti-blasphemer protesters in Behal Bhakkar. It shows Punjab police sided with the perpertrator of blasphemy.

Police register case

Bhakkar district’s Behal police registered a case. It named Syed Amir Abbas Shah, Nazir Ahmed Khan and Nasim Abbas Shah, Mukhtar Zaidi and others.

Ridiculous charges

Surprisingly, the FIR mentioned charge against the accused: they were raising slogans against blasphemer. Moreover, the case noted slogans scuh as down with Abdul Sattar Jamali.

Shia Ulema Council rebuffs FIR charges

However, protesters made it clear that they never made hate-speech nor they disturbed public order.

But, police demonstrated its bias and tilt to the perpetrator of blasphemy that remains a crime in Pakistani laws.

Notably, the protest rally held under the aegis of Shia Ulema Council Behal Bhakkar.


Abdul Sattar Jamali 

Jamali released a video. Therein, he is using highly indecent, impolite, derogatory slurring remarks against Imam Mehdi.

And he is also inciting other Deobandis to follow his takfiri ideology against Imam Mehdi.

Jamali belongs to Phulji (Johi taluka) district Dadu. He remains affiliated with a deobandi seminary.

Blasphemer in jail custody

The concerned police informed them court in Dadu of arrest of Mulla Abul Sattar Jamali.

However, court sent him to jail custody for two weeks.

However, now protesters demand capital punishment to him.

The MWM, ISO, Asgharia, SUC, Raheem Jafari led azadari organisation held these protest.

Reaction to blasphemy

Hang blasphemer Sattar Jamali

Notably, the demand to hang the blasphemer became to twitter trend. #Hangsattarjamali remained the most popular trending in Pakistan.

Particularly, Pakistan-based twitter account holders responded more actively. They supported the demand.

Shia Muslims held demonstrations in Sobho Dero and Jacobabad. MWM had organised protest demos.

Moreover, Allama Maqsood Domki of MWM talked to SSP Dadu Farrukh Raza. In his telephonic conversation, he demanded stern action against the blasphemer forthwith.

Imam Mehdi

However, Imam Mehdi remains a source of unity of humanity, let alone Muslims.

Though Shia Muslims revere him as their 12th infallible Imam who remains in occulation yet Sunni Muslims too believe in Imam Mehdi.

As per Islamic ideology, Imam Mehdi is that saviour or Messiah who will liberate the suffered humanity from oppression. Hence, he remains symbol of unity among many nations with identical apocalyptic ideology.

Blasphemy in Pakistan

Although takfiri Deobandis call out all non-takfiri Muslims for alleged blasphemy, yet they themselves perpetrate blasphemy.

For that, one may read this article. It is just an example.

Blasphemy against Bibi Fatima Zahra by followers of Umayyad tyrants



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