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Mufti Hassoun: Acts of Terrorists Will Not Affect Syrians’ National Stances

mufti ahmadSyria’s grand Mufti Ahmad Badre al-Din Hassoun underlined that the acts of the armed terrorist groups, supported with money and weapons from the outside, will not affect the Syrian people’s national stances and principles.
During a celebration to honor 106 families of the martyrs on Thursday in Safita, Tartous, the Mufti hailed the sacrifices of the martyrs who offered their souls for the sake of the homeland.
He stressed that religions, sects and doctrines in Syria are civilizations, not closed schools or brains which were founded on differences or hatred.
The Mufti considered that Syria is paying a precious price of the blood of its sons as it enjoys tolerance and coexistence.
He called on those who were misled to return to the right path in order to build Syria, affirming that the crisis is on the verge to end.
For their part, families of the martyrs expressed pride of the martyrdom of their sons who have done their duties to rescue the homeland from the acts of terrorist, affirming that their blood will not be wasted and will gain victory over the conspiracy to which Syria is exposed.

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