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Friday, 8 April 2011, “Save the People of Bahrain”

bahrain_oppositionWwe call on all the people to support the Bahraini people and their revolution through legitimate means. We call on all the people of alive conscience to take part in the stand in solidarity with the Bahraini people on Friday, April 8 2011 under the slogan “Save the people of Bahrain.”

According to the Shiite News,The Bahraini Opposition issued the following statement:

Oh free people of the world… Sons of our Arab and Islamic Ummah…

The 14th of February 2011 is a date for a new phase added to the many previous phases through which our people suffered for long, from the authority that incessantly used all sorts of injustice, deceitfulness, and lying in order to safeguard the interests of the royal family while violating the right of an entire people. The history of our people’s suffering and agony is very long; throughout this history, the people gave many martyrs, tolerated all sorts of tyranny, humiliation, torture, oppression, and arrest, and consecutive phases of Jihad and revolutions.

Since 50 days, the Bahraini people have been paying the price for demanding their political rights, which in first place are basic rights they cannot give up. The peaceful protestors were viciously attacked and subject to an unprecedented barbaric assault as the authority attacked them at the time when it should have kept an eye on protecting the people’s rights and realizing their needs.

The armies that were supposed to fight the Zionist enemy attacked the Bahraini people instead, causing thousands of Bahrainis to fall as either martyrs, wounded, detained, or missing.

Despite the bleeding wounds of this country and its people, be it killing, wounding, detaining, violating sanctities and respect, humiliating peaceful civilians and dividing the country, our people stood steadfast and rejected to kneel other than to Allah the almighty, and remained insistent on demanding their rights in such a way that they become real partners in running the country. More painful to the people was the tyranny and injustice portrayed in claims that the protests are sectarian, even though they were shot, beaten, and sometimes mutilated.

This trick was a failure and the people of the Arab and Islamic Worlds did not fall for it, nor did the free people of the world wherever they are. Our partners in this country cannot also be fooled by such deception made by the authority helped by the Sultans whether from inside the country or outside. Also the Bahraini opposition is confident that the Arab peoples are aware and honest, and know very well that the revolution in Bahrain is a revolution of justice, righteousness, and humanity, a revolution that does not differentiate between any of its citizens or categories, and is the farthest possible from being sectarian.

We show our gratitude and thanks to all those who stood beside us and supported us whether through media, or politically and morally. We are proud of such support and we call upon all countries and organizations as well as people who supported the tyrant and unjust authority violently suppressing its people to know they will soon change their stances when they realize how blood can triumph over the sword. We, as Opposition, renew our demands of legitimate rights and call on the disdainful people to surround its leadership in all the coming moves. Our proud and dear people should know that owing to their patience, endurance, steadfastness, tolerance, and strong faith as well as owing to the support of all the free peoples of the world, they will achieve their rights God Willing. We, as Opposition overseas, also assure that we will continue to support the people of Bahrain by all means possible and through all civilian ways, thanking all those supporting us.

From here, we call on all the people to support the Bahraini people and their revolution through legitimate means. We call on all the people of alive conscience to take part in the stand in solidarity with the Bahraini people on Friday, April 8 2011 under the slogan “Save the people of Bahrain.”

Under this slogan, we address all the political, social and media powers and organizations throughout our Arab and Islamic Ummah to raise their voices high and call for the rescue of our people in Bahrain and in support for justice.

We will remain steadfast for a better Bahrain, for freedom and dignity. “The Bahraini people…it is a people that other peoples should share its happiness, as well as its sorrows, and it is a people that other peoples should stand by in demanding its rights, and add their voice to its voice in the just demand for rights.”

The Bahraini Opposition Overseas.

Some of the Slogans for Friday march:

حق التظاهر مكفول وقانوني بحسب دستور مملكة البحرين

The right to protest is legal and guaranteed according to the Bahraini constitution

أنقذوا شعب البحرين…. كلنا بحرين

Save the Bahraini people. We are all Bahrain.

يا حكام العالم.. اخرجوا درع الجزيرة من البحرين

O rulers of the world get the Jazera Shield out of Bahrain

البحرين تحت الاحتلال السعودي والإماراتي

Bahrain is under the Saudi and Emirati occupation

مطالب المتظاهرين… سياسية لا مذهبية

The protesters’ demands are political not sectarian

مطلب الملكية الدستورية، مطلب عادل وحق مشروع

A constitutional monarchy is a just demand and a legitimate right

لا للتميز بين أبناء الشعب في البحرين

No for discrimination among the people of Bahrain

لا للطائفية البغيضة

No for the obnoxious Sectarianism

أين منظمات حقوق الإنسان مما يجري في البحرين؟

Where are the human rights’ organizations on what is happening in Bahrain?

لماذا الازدواجية الغربية في التعامل مع قضية البحرين؟

Why the western double standards in dealing with the Bahraini issue?

الشعب يواجه جيوش وبيده الورود والعلم

The people are facing armies while holding roses and their flag

رسالة من البحرين إلى كل العالم (مطالبنا ستبقى سلمية رغم قسوة النظام

Our message to the whole world is (our demands will remain peaceful despite of the regime’s harshness)

نداء استغاثة من شعب مسالم أحب كل الناس… من البحرين

A distress call from the peaceful Bahrainis who love all people

أبنائنا وبناتنا في السجون من أجل البحرين… أنقذوهم يا أبناء العالم

Our sons and daughters are in prison for the sake of Bahrain… children of the world save them

حرية …عدالة …ديمقراطية …هذه هي مطالب شعب البحرين

Justice…freedom… Democracy…These are the demands of the Bahraini people

السلم هو شعارنا في حركتنا المطلبية في البحرين

Peace is our motto in our movement demands in Bahrain.

نريد إقامة دولة مدنية في البحرين

We want a civil state in Bahrain

كلنا إخوة… من أجل البحرين

We are all brothers for the sake of Bahrain

حكومة البحرين يرأسها رئيس وزراء منذ 40 عاماً …أين الديمقراطية؟

The Bahraini Prime Minister has been in his position for 40 years …Where’s democracy?

في البحرين فصل المعلمين والأطباء والعاملين لأنهم يطالبون بحقوقهم المدنية .

In Bahrain teachers, doctors and workers were suspended because they are demanding their civil rights.

من أجل الحرية البحرين تقدم دماء الحكومة وترفض الحوار

For freedom… Bahraini people offered blood and the government rejects dialogue.

يا حكام العالم …أنقذوا شعب البحرين وأرسلوا منظمات حقوق الإنسان لتتحقق من الجرائم

Rulers of the world … Save the Bahraini people and sent human rights organizations to verify the crimes.

كلنا بحرين…كلنا سلميون…كلنا نطلب الحرية

We are all Bahrain…we are all peaceful…we demand freedom

أوقفوا القتل

Stop the killing

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