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7 Syrian soldiers martyred by Israel airstrikes

Due to Israeli missile attack on June 8 to parts of Damascus and wet of Homs province, seven Syrian army soldiers martyred.

No details have been reported by the Syrian media regarding the exact location of targets and given past experience, it seems highly unlikely that official details will be released in the future.Considering the way Syrian media covered this news, it seems they prefer less tension on broadcasting these news.

Israel’s continuous attacks on Syrian Army positions and infrastructures under the pretext of targeting Iranian and Hezbollah forces and the inability of the Syrian army to respond properly to these attacks have made the issue a painful and humiliating issue, until the protest regarding Syria’s lack of response is extended to non-Syrians too!Name of martyrs:

Ayham Ismail, Ragheb Bahjat Al-Duwairi, Issa Abed Abbas, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Bakhit, Sumer Salman Al Salem, Mohamed Ahmed Abboud, Emad Rajab Al-Youssef.


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