Lebanon Seeks Death Penalty for Two ’al-Nusra Front’ Members

death penaltyLebanese Military Investigative Judge Imad Zein issued an indictment requesting the death penalty against two members of the so-called “al-Nusra Front,” accused of belonging to the militant group and for recruiting people to carry out terrorist acts on Wednesday.

Zein requested the death penalty for the two members, one who is currently detained, and the other one who is a fugitive.

The military judge issued an arrest warrant against the two members for belonging to the “al-Nusra Front” and for recruiting individuals to undergo terrorist activities using explosive belts.

He further issued an inquiry memo to reveal the full identity of five other people involved in such acts, and referred the file to the military court for trial.

The “al-Nusra Front” in Lebanon has claimed responsibility for more than one suicide attack in the country.

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