Lebanese Mufti: Shia and Sunni scholars play a decisive role in purging sedition

labnoni scholarLebanese Sunni Mufti of Sa’ada Sheikh Ahmad Al-Zein in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the side line of the Conference held under the banner of “Role of Muslim World in Global Power Geometry” paied tribute to the role of Islamic Republic of Iran in backing the revolutionary movements in the area and the wave of Islamic Awakening.

The religious cleric sternly warned Muslims of the diversion of Islamic Awakening and mentioned that western countries and the U.S on top try their utmost to hijack the revolutions and on account of that Muslims should be literally aware of the plots hatched by their enemies.

The Lebanese cleric went on to say that the idea of Takfir is penetrating in different Islamic countries and in this regard Shia and Sunni religious scholars can play a key role in removing this sedition and foiling the machinations concocted by the enemies

The religious cleric pointed to the unremitting condition in some parts of Lebanon and mentioned that some groups under the spell of arrogant power try to debilitate the resistance movement through resorting to the religious differences.

It is worthwhile noting that Conference under the banner of “Role of Muslim World in Global Power Geometry” was held with many a cleric and religious elite in attendance.


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