Israel claims shooting two Hezbollah members

hizbullah killedThe Israeli regime claims that it has shot and wounded two members of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah near the border area of the occupied Golan Heights.

Tel Aviv said on Wednesday that Israeli troops have shot the two near the border while they were allegedly trying to plant a bomb on a fence.

Hezbollah has not made any comments on the claims yet.

Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights in the war of 1967.

On February 26, Hezbollah confirmed that Israel had targeted one of its bases near the village of Janta, on the Lebanon-Syria border. It condemned the act of violence, saying it would respond to the February 24 Israeli airstrike.

The Lebanese movement said Tel Aviv has violated its country’s sovereignty and that the group would retaliate at the appropriate time and place.

The Lebanese government has filed several complaints to the United Nations over the violation of the country’s airspace by the Israeli military aircraft.

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