Terrorists kill Alawite politician in Lebanon

alawiteA senior official of a Lebanese Alawite party has been assassinated in the northern city of Tripoli amid sectarian violence that is believed to be incited by al-Qaeda-linked Takfiri elements.
Security officials say masked assailants opened fire on Abdelrahman Diab early Thursday morning as he was driving his vehicle along the coastal Mina highway.
Diab was a senior official in the pro-Syrian Arab Democratic Party (ADP) in Tripoli, which has witnessed frequent deadly clashes between supporters and opponents of the Syrian government.
According to sources cited by the local media, Diab died instantly from 12 gunshots that pierced his chest, head and neck. His bullet-riddled body was then transferred to Tripoli’s Islamic Hospital.
Meanwhile, as news of Diab’s assassination spread across Jabal Mohsen neighborhood, gunfire exchanges were reported between rival neighborhoods of Mallouleh and Mankoubin.
Four people were wounded by sniper fire, according to local press reports.
The Lebanese army immediately closed the road that was targeted by sniper fire.
The development comes a day after twin terrorist bombings in the Lebanese capital of Beirut near Iran’s cultural chancellery. Some six people died and scores of others were wounded.
The al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks and vowed to continue its terror efforts against any entity that supports the Syrian government’s fight against the foreign-backed militancy in the country.
Lebanon borders have been main supply routes for foreign-backed militants to enter more forces and arms to Syria.
Nearly all the supply routes to the terrorist al-Nusra Front militants were cut following Qusayr freedom.


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