Polling Stations, Local Officials Prepare for Lebanon Vote

Polling station employees across Lebanon began distributing thousands of ballot boxes Saturday morning in preparation in preparation for crucial parliamentary elections set on Sunday.

The distribution of ballot boxes began at 7:00 am, under official supervision, at fund distribution centers around various districts in Lebanon.

The boxes were distributed according to a mechanism set up by the Interior Ministry allowing heads of polling stations to receive the boxes easily without any delay.

The elections, the first legislative elections in nine years, will be held in 15 electoral districts and based on a complex proportional representation electoral system replacing a majoritarian winner-takes-all system.

Some 21,000 security personnel from the Internal Security Forces, the State Security and General Security will be in charge inside polling stations. Meanwhile, the army will maintain security around the centers and roads leading to it, local daily said.

Army units carried out their deployment yesterday in all areas of Lebanon according to a security plan in which additional units were allocated to areas considered “exceptional.”

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